Grady & Sons Excavation and Paving
We outshine our competition because we choose to every day.

About Grady & Sons Excavation and Paving

Grady & Sons Excavation, LLC is a family owned and operated excavation and paving business. My name is Jack Grady, I am owner and President of Grady & Sons Excavation. I am proud to say that together with my father, our combined experience is more than 60 years. My Father, Bob Grady, is Vice-President and owner. As President, I am in charge of the daily operations. I am ready to make adjustments when needed to meet the needs of our customers. We value our dedicated employees and appreciate all of their hard work. We offer our employees competitive wages and a generous benefits package to include health, dental, disability and accident insurance. After one year of service, we offer a paid vacation. We use new equipment to improve production and performance, this saves time and will achieve better efficiency for your job. We take care of our equipment so that it takes care of us. We adapt well to change, this is key to ensure corporate growth. The topic of safety is so important, we make sure all of our employees are educated on this topic and follow OSHA regulations and standards.

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Our Work Ethic

The structure of Grady & Sons Excavation is one build on a firm foundation of integrity. We feel honesty and high moral standards have helped make our business a

Our Customer Service

One of our business goals is to continue performing above and beyond the expectations of our customers. From the site work to the office work, you can expect excellence from Grady & Sons Excavation. As a small business, we can speak directly to each customer and meet their individual needs. More importantly, we build relationships that last - everyday. We continually look at our processes searching for ways to improve and grow as a small business. In such a competitive market, we must adapt to change well and be prepared for the unexpected. I feel our employees are ready for the unexpected and prepared to make necessary decisions to keep their job moving and on schedule for completion. We will always look ahead and do our best to strive for excellence.